Videos of the Month - May 2020

Promonews - 3rd June 2020

Our pick of the videos we featured in May includes lots of excellent things created under lockdown conditions. There are also ones made before lockdown - and even those just released that were made in the first steps towards the new normal of post-lockdown production.

So despite the lack of proper film shoots happening in the past few months, this has become an even more bumper crop than usual. The lockdown videos themselves tend to divide between those that make a virtue of the quarantine, and surmounting the challenges of home shooting - from The Academic to Glass Animals (above), Micah P Hinson to OK Go. Others veer more into documentary, live performance and even spoken word has become a thing. And then there's the Wank Wiggle...

But there are also those quarantine-made videos that break out from their contraints, and could work just as well at any time, like the videos for Bree Runway and Lewis Del Mar. And, of course, there has been a smattering of animated videos, for Alexander 23, Biig Piig, Tone Lo and (perhaps best of all) Little Mix, immortalized in fuzzy felt.

The selection of things that were made just before lockdown includes Harry Styles and his watermelons, Missy Elliott in a funky art gallery, Rosalía's reunion with CANADA, and Khalid in a fourway Fast & Furious-style street race. That's like the boy racers who have stormed around Hackney at night during lockdown, but filmed beautifully... 


Promonews - 3rd June 2020

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