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Joji ‘Gimme Love’ by George Miller and Andrew Donoho

Cristina Conde Tkatchenko - 26th May 2020

Joji negotiates a surreal fantasy of escape in his remarkable video for Gimme Love - the third single from forthcoming album Nectar - that's comprised of two distinct parts: the first directed by George Miller (that's Joji himself); the second part by Andrew Donoho. 

Part one immediately sets a frenetic pace with a rapid-fire montage of a homemade-style video, creating the semblance of a VHS tape recording. It tells the story of a scientist - played by Joji - working his way up the ranks. The location and set design instil an immediate realism, almost producing a mockumentary voyeurism that offers a glimpse into the career progression of this man. 

And as he climbs the ladder, his character changes. Brief moments of bonding with co-workers are overshadowed by the anxieties and frustrations that weigh him down. As he receives greater recognition for his professional accomplishments, he becomes unhappier. By the time he reaches the high point of his career, promoted to government-level, he is ordering others around and flying into fits of rage - of while also having suffered numerous tragedies and setbacks.

This breathless montage of fast-paced cuts is counterpointed by the upbeat pop production of the track, Gimme Love. As the beat transitions into an emotive ballad, an ethereal melody initiates the cut into Part Two - and the immediate change in production values as Donoho's direction takes over.

With Joji’s decision to produce a song that shifts in tone through the mid-way, the music video manages to naturally replicate the sudden deviation, and Andrew Donoho’s stylised approach in the second segment is the perfect complement to the rawness of the first.

The themes of this video mirror Sanctuary, the first previous single from Nectar, establishing a clear narrative progression through the new album, and presenting a dramatic end to what seems to be the beginning of a 'Joji-verse'. 

Cristina Conde Tkatchenko - 26th May 2020


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George Miller
Andrew Donoho
Christopher Heinrich
Jesse Chorng
Ian Blair
Production Company
Production Company
Invisible Inc
Production Manager
Valerie Bush
1st AD
Jeff Cobb


Director of Photography
Jason Ano
Director of Photography
Nicholas Wiesnet


Production designer
Racheal Stephens
Production designer
Arae Webner
Art Director
Eldad Sharon


Ken Law
Kaitlyn Vitug


George Miller
Miles Trahan


Kaitlyn Battistelli
Colour Producer
Britt Carson
Colour grade company


Set Dresser
Sami DeMars

Cristina Conde Tkatchenko - 26th May 2020

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