Work & Life: Charlie Von Rotberg, Stitch/Homespun

Charlie Von Rotberg has been one of the busiest editors in London's music video world for the past couple of years. His portfolio includes videos for Lewis Capaldi, Michael Kiwanuka, Skepta and …

Promonews - 22 days ago

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Work & Life: Tom Hardiman, Somesuch

Tom Hardiman started out in his music video directing career under the supercool monicker Dear Mr Quistgaard, before reverting to his original name last year, when he directed videos for Mura …

Promonews - 28 days ago


Videos of the Month - January 2020

Our round-up of the videos in the first month of 2020 features everyone from Grammy winners - present and past - to virtual unknowns, and lots in-between. 

Promonews - 2 months ago

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