Work & Life: Meg Thorne, Cut+Run

Meg Thorne has been one of the busiest editors working in music videos for the past couple of years, building an enviable reputation in the process. Her work on videos for Lily Allen, Mabel, …

Promonews - 9 days ago


Videos of the Month - December 2019

Our final pick of the month selection for 2019, and a strong showing to wrap up the year. There were extravagant new videos from Harry Styles, by Dave Meyers, and Kali Uchis, by …

Promonews - 18 days ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Best Music Videos of 2019: Narrative

Our second playlist in our round-up of the best videos of 2019, covers non-comedic narrative work, the backbone of so many music videos. And this has been another exceptional year for narrative.

Promonews - 26 days ago


Best Music Videos of 2019: Animation

We begin our review of the music videos of the year with our choice of the best animated videos of 2019. As ever, there were some remarkable applications of animation in this year's choices.

Promonews - 27 days ago


The Best Music Videos Of The Decade: 2016 - 19

And so to our final part of our look back at the decade that is about to pass into history. This takes in the final four years of the Twenty Tens, and our list shows how this period started …

David Knight - 28 days ago

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