slowthai ft A$AP Rocky 'MAZZA' by The Rest

slowthai's latest banger MAZZA - featuring A$AP Rocky - gets an off-the-scale trippy and super-stylish visual treatment from regular collaborators The Rest, with the rappers in adjoining hotel …

Promonews - 13 days ago


Imanbek, Goodboys 'Goodbye' by Charlie Robins

Charlie Robins's engrossing video for Imanbek & Goodboys slips gracefully from documentary to drama to full-blown surrealism in this story of a high-stakes horse race within the traveller …

David Knight - 15 days ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Katarzia 'Even Water Burns' by Jay Walker

Jay Walker's spellbinding video for Slovakian singer Katarzia Kubošiová is a gripping, impressionistic affair, dramatising different historical strands, connected by their theme: the …

David Knight - 2 months ago

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