David Knight - 15th May 2020

Directing duo BRTHR let their imaginations do the talking in their video for rapper 645AR, in one of the most visually distinctive videos of the lockdown phase.

AR finds himself at home in a dystopian world - which is, of course, where we are now. But then he befriends a creature from another dimension - who becomes an increasingly annoying alien companion-cum-pet. It is a scenario which allows Kyle Wightman and Alex Lee (aka BRTHR) to do what they do best: assault the senses with a barrage of distinctive and singular digital VFX.

Assuming they managed to abide by social distancing rules, it's clear that lockdown conditions has provided BRTHR with a strange kind of freedom to express themselves in their use of post production. As a result, this is an absolute belter.


The hyper-surreal nature of the video is how we see the world ATM.

"Our concept bases 645AR in our reality as humans right now, which feels like a bad dream, but also, what if aliens decided to infiltrate us now?

"The hyper-surreal nature of the video is how we see the world ATM, and we thought it’d be a fun way to create something that directly pokes fun at our shitty situation; kind of how South Park does, or The Onion. The alien attempts to infiltrate 645AR’s mind and body, but when AR snaps out of its bad acid-trip-like-hypnosis, he quickly realizes that the thing is evil and guns it down with the laser gun. 645AR might just be the hero we need today."

Watch '645AR 'Yoga' by BRTHR' here

PRO Credits


ProducerSophia Rothbart
Production CompanySerial Pictures
Director of PhotographyBRTHR
CommissionerSaul Levitz
Director's Rep (UK)Riff Raff Films

David Knight - 15th May 2020

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