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Kam Bu ft. Lord Apex 'Different' by Milo Blake

Rob Ulitski - 13th May 2020

Milo Blake directs a striking monochromatic visual for London rappers Kam Bu and Lord Apex.

Utilising a constantly rotating camera and clever composition, Blake and DoP Brandon Quan pays homage to iconic films and promos in the video for Different. Old-school lens effects create a streaky, dreamy aesthetic which is hypnotic when paired with the perpetual camera movement.

Blake uses the space and depth of the room in a clever and inspired way, and the experimental performance cutaways give this project a fresh and unique perspective. French film La Haine gets a nod in the art direction, an obvious influence in terms of gritty realism and the black and white colour palette. 


Milo Blake: 

"The video is a playful statement of originality. Our thinking behind the constantly rotating camera was to create something were the blocking of the cast was bouncing off and interacting with camera movements. This shaped our set-pieces and provided a further approach of the camera trying to be in locked in with how people move.

"A heightened sense of the environment was created through a very stylised black and white where we drew inspiration from noir cinema but then combined that with the use of streak filters more traditionally used on sci-fi, and vaseline to put a wilder, more surreal spin on it. All of this was done as a way of saying that these artists exist in their own realm, moving to their own rhythms."

Rob Ulitski - 13th May 2020


  • Performance
  • Surreal
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap

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Milo Blake
Ella Glazer
Production Company
Figaro Inc.
Production Company
Executive Producer
Pilar Muro
Production Manager
James Wood 
1st AD
Danny Rumbelow 


Director of Photography
Brandon Quan 
Focus Puller
Elliot Poyzner 


Jakub Jachowicz 


Art Director
Jade O Connor 


Arthur Parisi 


Lena Turnier

Other credits

Art Assistants

Hazel Singzon/Jimmy Van Twest


Ryan Anderson

Title Design

Izzy BC

Storyboard Artist

Leo Graziosi

BTS Photography

Malini Vaja/Natalia Jerke

Rob Ulitski - 13th May 2020

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