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OK Go 'All Together Now' by Damian Kulash Jr.

David Knight - 15th May 2020

OK Go are back with a video during lockdown which, as one might expect, is a bit different from anyone else's. In fact what distinguishes it is quite unexpected: it's not so much the visuals but the song itself, which has been written during the crisis.

As band frontman (and prime orchestrator of their extraordinary visual output) Damian Kulash Jr has written in a letter on the OK Go website, he and his wife Kristin contracted the coronavirus themselves weeks ago, with Kristin being worringly ill for a while. "She was only briefly at the hospital, but bedridden with breathing problems for a long stretch," he writes.

Finding that his thoughts swayed from anxiety to unaccountable feelings of hope, Kulash read an essay from historian Rebecca Solnit, The Impossible Has Already Happened, which gave that some context. He summarizes Solnit's hypothesis as: "When the status quo evaporates, anything is possible, for better or for worse. Crises are when we learn who we are. Without our frame of reference, we reinvent ourselves. Our best and worst impulses struggle against each other anew, and while our darkest fears become more real, so do our wildest hopes."

That became a driving force behind the new song, All Together Now. The video is a document of the four bandmembers performing and recording the song, each from their own homes in Los Angeles, and the the 'OK Go-ness' of the video comes from the inventive use of split screens to bring the band together. 

It ends with the each bandmembers' performance ending at the same moment, at 8pm - the time each night when LA residents makes some noise in support of their healthcare workers. Ultimately it becomes a tribute to frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19, and all proceeds from the video are going to Partners In Health, with the band urging viewrs to make thir own separate donation.

David Knight - 15th May 2020


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David Knight - 15th May 2020

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