Girl Band 'Shoulderblades' by Bob Gallagher

Bob Gallagher's latest video for Dublin rock outfit Girl Band is a departure from his previous run of gripping narratives, like the brilliantly off-the-wall Paul - but this is still …

David Knight - 2 days ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Sea Girls 'Damage Done' by James Slater

James Slater combines a rampant band performance by London indie band Sea Girls with moments of obscure mid-century US movie stock footage, in his video for Damage Done.  

Promonews - 19 days ago


Mosa Wild 'Night' by Theo Watkins

Theo Watkins channels Rear Window in his new promo for indie rock outfit Mosa Wild. But who's watching the band, as they go about their business, and perform the catchy track, day and Night?

Promo News - 22 days ago


Whenyoung 'The Others' by Fiona Jane Burgess

Written initially as a response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, Whenyoung's The Others is about a broken social system that favours the rich and ignores the needs of the vulnerable.

Promonews - 1 month ago

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