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The Coronas & Gabrielle Aplin 'Lost In The Thick Of It' by Bjorn Franklin & Johnny Marchetta

David Knight - 27th May 2020

Bjorn Franklin and Johnny Marchetta have come up with a disarming solution to the challenges of a lockdown shoot for the team-up of the Coronas and Gabrielle Aplin.

Unable to shoot Gabrielle and Coronas lead singer Danny O'Reilly together, the directing duo have devised a simple way to unite them - as two halves of one person. As a variation on the classic straight-on face-to-screen performance, this split-screen device is very effective.

Crucially, Franklin and Marchetta have also engaged animator Daniela Sherer, to add the all-important flourishes to augment Aplin and O'Reilly's duet. Sherer, who's work includes the video for Tom Rosenthal's Soon Goodbye Now Love, creates a lovely hand-drawn world around the artists, at first intermittent, but that eventually confirms their actual separation.    


We had to find a way of featuring Danny and Gabrielle in the safest way possible.

"We actually pitched a video for the guys which had been signed off, and pre-production had started, but then lockdown hit. At that point we had to dramatically change our approach. We had to find a way of featuring Danny and Gabrielle in the safest way possible.

"This came in the form of us, directing them on how to film their each individual parts from homes with the help of housemates. Special thanks to Alfie Hudson and John Broe, they did a fine job.

"Animation was something that sparked lots of ideas for us. We felt it gave us freedom to keep the filming simple and let the animation tell the story. We teamed up with award-winning animator Daniela Sherer. She worked tirelessly with us on our story, building an abstract narrative with her distinct illustrations.

"We wanted to tie in the song's sentiment, which had themes of isolation and leaving something behind and needing time to figure things out. Custom animation has it's challenges when it comes to time restraints, so with the time we had, we are over the moon with our final result."

David Knight - 27th May 2020


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David Knight - 27th May 2020

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