Promonews - 27th May 2020

J.Views has collaborated with musicians across the world, and Vico Sharabani, executive creative director of post facility The Artery VFX, to make the trippy video for his song Featuring, where images of different contributors overlap each other.

The concept for the music video emerged spontaneously after J.Views shared a brief clip of himself playing a thumb harp on Instagram and prompted his worldwide followers to add musical layers to the loop. Content was then curated into an official and cohesive track.

Supporting musical artists include Iris Lune, Solange Prat, Bay Ledges, Ateller, Chase Jackson, Youngteam, Sabina K, 1clap, and Jérémy Giraudeau — who hail across New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Buenos Aires, Tel-Aviv, and Berlin. Their visual contributions recorded primarily through iPhone video recordings, from their homes.

Editor Michael Elliot and Flame artists Asaf Yeger and Aarif Attarwala put the performances together in a very different way to most lockdown crowd-sourced videos, creating vertical compositions of different musicians. 

“There was no traditional form of pre-visualization involved," says Vico Sharabani. "Our mantra for the work was ‘feel more, think less’. Our team are no stranger to remote operations. Our process and model have always been to take on ambitious endeavours and narratives, many of which are helped by technology and still hold up today.

"The industry thrives off seemingly insurmountable challenges. My advice for fellow studios, agencies, and brands working from home, structure projects like meditation. Be present, relax, and create freely (but with a set vision in mind).”

The music video comes on the heels of another J.Views hit, “#Almostforgot” (from the 401 Days album), with singer and songwriter Kelli Scarr on vocals. “Interestingly enough, since everything happened all at once, I haven’t officially met the rest of the musicians in-person," says J.Views of the Featuring project. "Fortunately, I’ve collaborated with Vico many times in the past and we share the same energy and passion. The most beautiful thing to me is that The Artery’s capabilities and resources line up with their ability to deliver seamless visual solutions to an immediate project with an immediate release date.”


DirectorVico Sharabani
DirectorJ Views
ProducerEmily Branham
Production CompanyThe Artery
Executive ProducerDeborah Sullivan
Production CoordinatorThurman Martin
EditorMichael Elliot
Post production companyThe Artery
FlameVico Sharabani
FlameAarif Attarwala
FlameAsaf Yeger
Other creditsWritten & Featuring: Iris Lune, Solange Prat, Bay Ledges, Ateller, Chase Jackson, Youngteam, Sabina K, 1clap, And Jérémy Giraudeau. Produced, Mixed And Mastered By J.Views

Promonews - 27th May 2020

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