Rob Ulitski - 1st May 2020

Jonathan Higgs directs a distorted 3D visual for his own band Everything Everything's In Birdsong. 

For this project, Higgs decided to learn a host of 3D-animation software, as live action filming was near impossible due to current restrictions... and it has paid off.

Glistening, otherworldy textures and landscapes melt and glitch, as photo-realistic characters are dragged through apocalyptic, inhuman environments. It's an inspired use of animation, and a clever commentary on the world we find ourselves living in. 


In Birdsong tries to imagine what it would have been like to have been the first self-aware human. 

“I had come across a concept by psychology academic Julian Jaynes - the Bicameral Mind Theory - that at one stage humans had two separate minds, inside each half of our brains. Messages or commands would be delivered by one and received by the other. These ‘voices’ were thought to be those of the divine. The theory claims that the eventual melding of these two minds into the two-sided human brain we have now was the dawn of mankind’s consciousness.

"I wanted to somehow insert this evolutionary psychology into a song because I felt so in awe of the idea. I found a deep sense of wonder at its core, about life and the world. It applies to songs about love, sex, life, death and humanity - the things I’ve always written about.

"In Birdsong tries to imagine what it would have been like to have been the first self-aware human. We weren’t intending to share this song right now, but in the age of Coronavirus, we wanted to be responsive to the changed landscape, and In Birdsong unexpectedly emerged as the most appropriate song to reappear with. 

"In the song I talk about hearing birdsong and knowing we are conscious and alive. With fewer cars and planes, and less human intervention generally, we’ve all been given the opportunity to reconnect with resurgent nature, and where we all are, for this brief moment - In Birdsong.”


DirectorJonathan Higgs
ProducerJonathan Higgs
LabelInfinity Industries
LabelAwal Recordings

Rob Ulitski - 1st May 2020

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