Promonews - 5th May 2020

Tinie Tempah goes where other grime artists fear to tread, embracing the animation route for his video for Moncler, featuring Tion Wayne - directed by Robert Strange. 

The first animated music video of lockdown out of BLINKINK, Strange (Hot Chip, Superorganism) has created an eye-catching, colourful visual that fuses fluid 2D animation with a few live-action shots, and focusses on interconnectivity, a prescient topic in this time of self-isolation.

We see the real Tinie on a phone, but mostly we're at home with the animated version of Tinie, his lady, and his dog Pablo, as he FaceTimes the live-action Tion. That is before the two rappers reunite in the a virtual world. 

It turns out we can still socialise with each other during this time - we just have to be creative.


I had a closer working relationship with Tinie than I've had with most other artists.

"You’d expect the process to be made trickier during the current situation. But I found that if anything remote working was easier to manage and allowed me as a director to develop a good working relationship with everyone on my team rather than just the person sitting next to me at the studio. 

"[And] I had a closer working relationship with Tinie than I've had with most other artists, which was probably part-lockdown, part-personality. He sent me so many good ideas and most made it into the video; number one being the inclusion of his pooch Pablo."

PRO Credits


DirectorRobert Strange
ProducerCorin Taylor
Production CompanyBlinkink
Production CompanyBlink
Executive ProducerLaura Northover
Executive ProducerJosef Byrne
IllustratorRob Flowers
CommissionerSam Seager
Other creditsAnimators: Jac Clinch, Knifeson Yu, Campbell Hartley, Hannah Lau-Walker Compositor: Tom Fisher

Promonews - 5th May 2020

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