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Little Mix 'Break Up Song' by Zac Ella

Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2020

Little Mix are brought to life in a stop-motion fuzzy-felt wonderland, in Zac Ella's 80s-tinged video for Break Up Song. 

After being forced to pull the plug on the live action version of the video the night before the shoot - due to the looming lockdown- Zac wasn't quite ready to give up on the concept just yet. 

And thank God he didn't. The ensuing video is a testament to creativity and ingenuity, featuring bold, vibrant animation - delivered in stop-frame fuzzy-felt animation - and some of the best self-filmed performances from the lockdown so far. 

Felt animator Lawrence Becker gives the project a unique flair, diving head-first into challenging transitions and movements, whilst ensuring to keep things glossy and pop. The animated lipsync of Felt Mix is frankly astonishing.

Meanwhile, Zac couldn't help but visit the set for the live action shoot - which was all prepared and ready to go - where he sent this short message...  


It wouldn’t be a Little Mix video without seeing the band themselves, so we sent them some film-at-home instructions.

"We were supposed to shoot the '80s chat show concept as a live action video but we had to cancel the night before as lockdown was looming. We still wanted to find a way to bring the concept to life within the restrictions of quarantine and so decided it could be fun to create the idea using stop frame felt animation.

"A Little Mix video wouldn’t be a Little Mix video without seeing the band themselves. So we sent them some film-at-home instructions, and they sent us their best '80s- inspired performances through the power of their iPhones, and then we worked this into the felt world."

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Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2020


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Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2020

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