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Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar' by Bradley&Pablo

Promonews - 21st May 2020

It's an ode to boys and girls and sexual pleasure and the video for Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar is dedicated to touching.

Bradley&Pablo shot this just before lockdown on 35mm and 16mm at a location in Malibu. "It was a private beach at this amazing house," they told LBB. "Harry actually owns a watermelon farm in a secret location that we can’t disclose. So the day before the shoot we went with our whole crew, make-up artists, set decorators, focus pullers you name it! We all rolled up our sleeves, got stuck in and did the biggest harvest anyone in the USA has ever seen!"

Well, its there on a website, so it must be true...

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Promonews - 21st May 2020

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Promonews - 21st May 2020

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