Rob Ulitski - 22nd May 2020

Chris Ullens directs a hand-drawn animated video for Alexander 23's IDK You Yet. 

A poetic visual interpretation of the track's themes, the concept is pared-back and reminiscent of early animation. Rough pencil sketches intertwine with experimental crayon drawings, creating a contemporary aesthetic with an experimental edge, made possible by the team of animators and their own unique styles. 

Switching up in pace and technique at regular intervals, the video is a beautiful accompaniment to the track, and a poignant exploration of how we communicate with each other when we can't be together.  


DirectorChris Ullens
ProducerChris Ullens
AnimatorChris Ullens
AnimatorRory Waudby-Tolley
AnimatorMichael Zauner
AnimatorEmily Downe
EditorChris Ullens
LabelInterscope Records

Rob Ulitski - 22nd May 2020

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