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James Vincent McMorrow 'Headlights' by Tom Speers

Rob Ulitski - 27th May 2020

Tom Speers remotely directs an upbeat portrait of family life in lockdown for James Vincent McMorrow's Headlights. 

Using footage that was shot by McMorrow's wife, Emma, the video showcases the artist and his family as they go about their day-to-day lives. Their young daughter plays a starring role with her dad, and Emma's conversation with James from behind the camera at the start of the film has a really engaging effect on the whole viewing experience. 

Wonderfully candid and understated, the video feels like a time-capsule; an intimate and honest depiction of the past few months and what they have meant to this young family.


For people who might know my music but might not know me, what I believe in... then this is the video for you.

"A lot of my work right now revolves around the idea of embracing chaos. We had an incredible idea for a music video for Headlights back in January, then obviously it became impossible to create it. So we embraced the chaos.

"I was sent an idea from the director Tom Speers which essentially allowed me to exist in my house and simply shoot my life for a week. No grand plans or aspirations for it beyond simply capturing life in as natural and unforced a way as is possible. Myself and Emma were allowed to shoot what we wanted when we wanted, and because she was on the other end of the camera, for the first time in my life I actually looked at footage of myself and felt like i was watching a genuine representation of myself coming back at me.

"I'm excited for people to see that vision because it's unadorned and honest and silly in places, not curated or edited to present a vision I think you might have of me. For people who might think me opaque, like they know my music but they might not know me, what I am, or what I believe in, then this is the video for you." 

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Rob Ulitski - 27th May 2020


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Tom Speers
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Elizabeth Doonan


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Dan Hawkins


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Rob Ulitski - 27th May 2020

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