Rob Ulitski - 6th May 2020

Will Hooper applies his trademark offbeat surrealism to Sad Night Dynamite's new visual for Spending Money. 

Having turned Declan McKenna into a glitchy Sims character in Beautiful FacesHooper turns his creative eye to hypermasculine womaniser and poker player Dan Bilzerian. 

Stuck on an endless loop format most often found in the weird, meme-heavy corners of YouTube, the video shows a computer-animated Bilzerian crying as he eats cake. For three hours. 

It's daft yet absolutely brilliant, falling somewhere between a simulation and a rudimentary pre-vis storyboard - and most importantly, it works really well with the track too.

Will Hooper: 

"The SND guys sent me a track that had a working title of 'Dan Bilzerian'. It made me laugh and I began thinking how I could use the track name as a crutch for the visual. I got stuck on the idea that no one has ever seen Dan Bilzerian upset and thought it'd be funny to show everyone a version of him crying... for 3 hours on a loop."

PRO Credits


DirectorWill Hooper
ProducerRosie Brear
Production CompanyBlink
Executive ProducerLaura Northover
EditorSam Allen
Editing companyHomespun
CommissionerSam Seager
Other creditsCG Artist: Aflie Dwyer

Rob Ulitski - 6th May 2020

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