Metronomy 'It's Good To Be Back' by Dreamjob

Dreamjob - that's Jack Whiteley and Joe Wills - give the now-familiar Groundhog Day structure an existential makeover for Metronomy's return to action with the aptly titled It's Good To Be Back.

Promonews - 18 days ago

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Gena/Rushi 'Mexico' by Dobi Manolova

Having produced numerous videos in London and elsewhere, Dobi Manolova makes her music video directing debut for Bulgarian duo Gena/Rushi, telling a story of a couturier who finds romance …

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Radiohead 'Follow Me Around' by Us

For their previously unreleased song Follow Me Around, Radiohead have a wonderful new video by directing duo Us - Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor - starring Guy Pearce. He plays the hapless …

Promonews - 24 days ago

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Anthony Taylor, producer of many acclaimed and award-winning commercials, most recently at Kode …

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Silence signs to Spindle

Spindle have signed the director known as Silence to the company's directing roster for …

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