Videos of the Month - June 2020

Promonews - 3rd July 2020

Resourceful, groundbreaking, wonderfully creative lockdown videos arrived during June - and a few post-lockdown videos too.

Perhaps the fourth month of lockdown will become known as the month of the 'laptop-lockdown' video. There are several in our Videos of the Month selection that gave lots of scope for visual expression, and proved to be a good way to get the personality of performers across from remotely directed shoots.

Somewhat related to that mini-surge, was the increasing incidence of animation. Sometimes this (and other VFX) coming with live action from the artists, as with Ella Eyre, SG Lewis and others. But increasingly its just the animation, from Chris Hopewell's stop motion epic for Yusuf/Cat Stevens, and a more creative use of CGI - as with the remarkable video for Ashnikko by Mike Anderson (above), or striking videos for both Jetta and Jehnny Beth.

But perhaps the most remarkable achievement has been the new video for Anderson .Paak by veteran master of music video direction Dave Meyers. Lockdown is an immediate response to the events of the past months, including the Black Lives Matter protest of the past weeks. A remarkable feat. 


Promonews - 3rd July 2020

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