Rob Ulitski - 25th June 2020

Eivind Landsvik directs a charming tale of first love, in the video for Boy Pablo's Hey Girl. 

Aesthetically reminiscent of indie comedy Napoleon Dynamite, the world on-screen is an idyllic vision of teenage life. 

A narrator introduces the characters - many of whom have been previously showcased in other videos - as well as giving a little bit of exposition in terms of backstory and their motivation. Before long, a football match ensues and Boy Pablo frontman Nicolas Muñoz wins both the match and the girl of his dreams. 

DoP Andreas Bjørseth dives into nostalgic colour palettes and textures, paying homage to teen movies of the 80s and 90s in terms of composition and style, whilst simultaneously adding his own fresh contemporary twist. 


"This was one of the most rewarding and collaborative music video processes I’ve been involved with.

"Boy Pablo already had a set of characters and a universe that felt unpretentious yet really rich and layered, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to inject some of my own obsessions and make a timeless story about first love."

PRO Credits


ProducerØystein Dyb
Production CompanyBacon
Executive ProducerMagne Lygner
Director of PhotographyAndreas Bjørseth
Focus PullerOla Austad
EditorPatrick Larsgaard
ColouristJulien Alary
Grading companyJules As
Post production companyBacon XO
Post ProducerEli Mari Sandal
Director's RepresentationBacon
Label777 Music
Other creditsCast: Rick Kirkham, Nicolas Pablo Rivera Munoz, Ines Høisæther Asserson

Rob Ulitski - 25th June 2020

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