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Aitch '30' by KC Locke

Rob Ulitski - 4th June 2020

Having completed the video for Raw, KC Locke and Aitch now drop the surprise video for 30, released in conjunction with the EP Solaris. 

Riotous and high-energy in its concept, the visual is made of several performance setups, packed full of explosive set pieces - expect fireworks, drifting cars, motorbikes and quad-bikes, to name just a few. 

DoP Stefan Yap employs a loose, handheld style to the majority of the video, matching the energy of the performance and adding an element of excitement and novelty. 


I feel this video will stand the test of time and truly documents the times we are currently living in. 

"We shot and released both videos within seven days of each other going from a 24 hour turnaround of Raw straight into the video for 30 - which again had a fast turnaround due to the current climate. Goalposts move daily so being able to react and over deliver is so important now more than ever.

"My main aim was to create a video which didn’t feel like the creative was inhibited by C-19 while still shooting extremely safely and abiding by the APA Covid 19 guidelines.
Thanks to Lewis Nicholson and Ella Taylor-Palfrey [producer and production manager] the processes and protocols enforced on set were vigilant but didn’t kill the creative vibe for Aitch or myself. I felt like the creative bubble wasn’t broken but guided in a fun way, as a good vibe on set is the difference between a good shoot or bad one.

"I feel this video will stand the test of time and truly documents the times we are currently living in. Seeing closed highstreets and empty roads is the new norm while the new ‘elbow tap’ is the new fist bump. You almost forget this video was shot during C-19 and that was my aim for it to be high octane, interactive and show Aitch’s personality. It’s important to me being from Manchester to showcase the city's talent is the best way,

"I wanted to create a sense of movement and scale using panoramic drone shots mixed with well planned hand-held transitions taking the viewers on a journey from aerial to ground in a seamless way, following Aitch as he gets about in his local area of Moston, North Manchester.

"The edit was formed with this feeling in mind of travel and momentum where each shot was motivated by the last carrying a sense of movement between locations and performances. The edit maintains my style and “KC Locke” aesthetic while having a fun day in the life perspective which I really enjoyed creating for Aitch."

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Rob Ulitski - 4th June 2020


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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Production Company
Klash Productions
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Ella Taylor-Palfrey
1st AD
Ben Eve


Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Focus Puller
Danny Usman
2nd AC
Ben Eckersall


Nick Platt


Jamil Shaukat


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill


Post Producer
Charlie Morris


Director's Representation


Ali Neale

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Mighty Sky Film

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Rob Ulitski - 4th June 2020

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