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Biffy Clyro 'Tiny Indoor Fireworks' by Oscar Sansom

Promonews - 15th June 2020

Oscar Sansom has created an explosively creative, characteristically energetic video for Biffy Clyro’s Tiny Indoor Fireworks, a mix of live action performance shot during lockdown, and striking animation styles.

Sansom's third promo for the band is somewhat different to previous collaborations for fairly obvious reasons, with him directing remotely and the band having to recruit their 'better halves' in helping to shoot the live action footage, using custom-made rigs designed for the project. And despite the domestic settings, the video skilfully brings the band together, captures the band's trademark energy as performers.

Meanwhile, the dreamlike animated scenes - produced by The 2D Workshop - reference internal creative struggles, but with an optimistic sense of release that appears forward looking... ‘dreaming of better days’.


It's in our job description and very nature to adapt and innovate our way around restrictions and creative problems.

"Making work within lockdown has been a challenge for sure. I am more accustomed to shooting on film or digital cinema cameras and I have a great and highly experienced team around me. So the idea of shooting a video using iphones, self-shot by the band, was new for me. But there have been similar challenges for all creatives in this period. So I tried to look at this as an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.

"Working in the creative industries, especially within music video, means we are perfectly placed to adapt to these restrictions. It's in our job description and very nature to problem solve, adapt and innovate our way around restrictions and creative problems. I tried to look at the situation as simply another part of the brief and instead of fighting against it, I tried to embrace it and look for ways that I could capture imagery with a phone that would be impossible with a cinema camera, or how I could shoot in a way that would make the footage feel dynamic and engaging without a DOP or camera operator. I found it exciting to shake up my creative process a little like this and think that it always benefits the work to do so.

"Almost the biggest challenge for me on this project was having to direct remotely through video call and not be physically on set. I am a very hands-on director and so working in this way was very different for me and also tough on the band as there wasn't the same ease of feedback and communication that is so important when you are shooting performance.

"With the animated elements I wanted them to be a contrasting counterpoint to the claustrophobic live action performance footage. At times like these the freedom within animation seemed symbolically relevant. I wanted to represent the idea of the limitless freedom of the mind and creative expression as a juxtaposition to our current collective physical restrictions due to the pandemic. Animation, in this way, was the perfect medium to use as it literally offers a world in which anything is possible.

"Biffy are always such a joy to work with and the level of commitment and effort they put into making this with me was incredible. Simon can deliver a performance like no one else. Whether he is performing to a sold out crowd in Wembley Arena or on his kitchen floor with me watching through a laptop he will always give everything to it and as a director. You can’t really ask for anything more than that."

Promonews - 15th June 2020


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Oscar Sansom
Beth Allan
Production Company


Animation Company
The 2D Workshop


Jennifer Ivory
Warner Music


Lead Animator
Owen Rixon
Lead Animator
Ross Hogg

Other credits


Alan Maceachern, Hlin Davíðsdóttir, Harriet Buckley, Vicki Haworth

Additional Animation And VFX

Oscar Sansom

Promonews - 15th June 2020

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