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Jetta 'I Wanna Know' by Sophia + Robert

Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2020

Following the videos for No Fire and Livin', Sophia + Robert's third video for Jetta is a lockdown-made blockbuster: a performance video that's also entirely made in CGI.

The visual for I Wanna Know is an otherworldly journey into an unknown dimension, with a 3D version of Jetta performing at its heart. She is a fragile creature of ethereal perfection - alluring, with a creeping quality of uncanny valley about her. 

This is both a surreal and sensual vision, packed with full of undulating lighting and mesmerising textures, that was produced in the duo's Berlin studio during lockdown - and the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking work.

It's a huge achievement that amply demonstrates Sophia + Robert's versatility as filmmakers, able to work in a range from old-school pop performance to sci-fi fantasy. Crucially, it is also a perfect match to Jetta's haunting vocals on I Wanna Know.

We saw an opportunity to finally conquer this kind of CGI project.


"This one is such a special project for us. For quite some time now we were thinking about making a video completely in 3D. We were actually already in pre-production for I Wanna Know beginning of March but had to cancel due to Covid19. Yet we really wanted to create the visuals for this song and saw an opportunity to finally conquer this kind of CGI project.

"We have worked with 3D a lot in the past on fine art and also game-like projects and when we asked Jetta if she would be interested she was really excited. So we started an amazing journey and created this CGI music video with a virtual Jetta. After more than 700 hours deep into the digital realm we almost began to dream of electric sheep.

We created several secret places for virtual Jetta to experience.

"Jetta mentioned to us that although her music is quite digital and computer generated, she would love the visuals to be connected to Earth and nature. Inspired by this and by the sound of the music we created several secret places for virtual Jetta to experience. We loved working on this project and are very excited to show it to the world."

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Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2020


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Rob Ulitski - 22nd June 2020

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