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Bronson (ft Lau.ra) 'Heart Attack' by Balázs Simon

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020

A woman discovers the light and power she holds inside herself, in Balázs Simon's incredible visual for Heart Attack. 

Following the exploration of plastic and its effect on our planet in his last video - for Leifur James' Angel In Disguise - Simon is back with a multi-format meditation on our own belief systems. 

Spanning live-action, motion capture, CGI and 2D animation, the video depicts a woman struggling against a wind tunnel of intense light, battling the debris that has broken from the dark underworld in which she lives. As other residents look on, she transcends her physical limitations to become one with her destiny, walking on as a part of the universal light. 

It's beautiful and multi-layered work from a director (and creative team) who are making a habit of pushing the boundaries of the music video format. 


We didn't have much time, so we had to develop the movie on several threads simultaneously.

"This was a real collaborative effort, produced by Blinkink in London, and teaming up with several Hungarian studios and freelancers for an intensive production.

"What made it exciting is that we could not bring the whole team together because of lockdown - which may not sound like the biggest issue with animation, but because we didn't have much time, we had to develop the movie on several threads simultaneously.

"For example, when we rehearsed the movement, there was no layout of the city yet. Or when we went out to the empty streets of Budapest to shoot some camera motion (to be tracked later) we only had a very rough drawing of what the overall action should be.

"Camera without subject, action without environment. Always 2-3 people maximum, within safe distance, and everybody had to rely on their imaginations to produce the foundation that the animators would later use.

"All in all, it was quite an experience that surely made our last couple of days better!"

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Narrative
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • 2D
  • Motion capture

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Balázs Simon
Corin Taylor
Production Company
Executive Producer
Josef Byrne
Executive Producer
Laura Northover
Executive Producer
Máté Barbalics


Director of Photography
Dániel Reich


Lead actor
Bea Egyed


Post production company
Umbrella, Airplan, Kgb Studio


John Moule
Ninja Tune

Other credits

Set Designer

Dávid Dell'Edera

Lead 3D Animator

Bea Ujj

Lead 2D Animator

Péter Bátory

Character Designer

Dániel Kajcsa

Graphics Artist

András Gunda


Kata Balogh

Character Layout

Adrián Majoros


Máté Barbalics / Dániel Kajcsa / Adrián Majoros / Dávid Szalai

Additional 3D Modeling

Battore Haraszti


András Pflum


Andor Gerebenics

Graphics Designer

Benjámin Kalászi

Mocap Producer

Tibor Sólyom

Mocap Supervisor

Béla Klingl

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020

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