SAINt JHN 'Roses' by Taisia Deeva

Taisia Deeva has directed a very stylish, choreography and VFX-based video for SAINt JHN, depicting an allegory of some key experiences that individuals go through whilst being a part …

Lassamie Prasimay - 4 days ago


Piero Pirupa 'Braindead (Heroin Kills)' by Yousef

Need a bit of a respite from the daily grind of going nowhere, and possibly not doing very much? Look no further than Yousef's bonkers video for Piero Pirupa - featuring the wonderful Shaun …

David Knight - 6 days ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Elderbrook 'Numb' by Aldona Kwiatkowski

Polish-German director Aldona Kwiatowski makes a notable music video debut for this track from Elderbrook's debut album. It's a story of a brief encounter, featuring Charly Clive and Tamica …

Promonews - 20 days ago

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