Sônge 'I Come From Pain' by Zhang + Knight

Zhang + Knight have delivered another awesomely surreal, beautifully shot and graded video, an intriguing visual for French electronic R&B artist Sônge's track, I Come From Pain.

Cat Velez - 22nd May 2017


Liv Dawson 'Searching' by Stroma Cairns

Stroma Cairns's beautifully executed video for Liv Dawson's track Searching is a guy-meets-girl love story with some naturalistic, fresh-faced performances. 

Cat Velez - 2nd Mar 2017


Gold Panda 'In My Car' by Rob Brandon

Gold Panda pays his grandmother a visit in his hometown of Chelmsford, in this charming little video directed by Rob Brandon for the track In My Car.

Cat Velez - 31st Mar 2016

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The Promonews Roundup


Jarryd James 'This Time' by Scratch

Here's a new video from Brisbane singer-songwriter Jarryd James directed by Scratch, a slow-burning look at an emotional reunion of two middle-aged men in …

Cat Velez - 30th Nov 2015


Jack Garratt 'Breathe Life' by Andrew Donoho

Directed by Andrew Donoho and shot in LA, Jack Garratt has told Billboard that "the story behind the video for Breathe Life is best left to the imaginations of the people who watch …

Cat Velez - 19th Oct 2015


Låpsley 'Hurt Me' by Cherise Payne

Cherise Payne directed the near one-shot video for Låpsley's Hurt Me at the National Trust's Formby Beach, going for a simple, strong performance of the powerful track captured on …

Cat Velez - 19th Oct 2015

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