David Knight - 9th June 2020

Douglas Hart and Antony Genn have collaborated to harness the power of Zoom and its ingenious 'faux-greenscreen' facility for young Irish band Inhaler.

Placing the band - led by frontman Elijah Hewson, son of Paul Hewson, aka Bono of U2 - performing in close-up, allows Hart and Genn to merge them within an inventory of thrilling stock footage. The effect is rather timeless, in that it approximates to early video FX experiments on TV, in the late 60s and early 70s, and also some experiments with film opticals that Hart himself was doing in the 90s and '00s.  

By contrast to the veteran Hart, co-director Genn's experience and pedigree lies in music, but with an increasingly strong connection to film. He is the musician-turned-composer who has become renowned for his work on the all-important music soundtrack of Peaky Blinders. He is now working with Inhaler as their producer, and this marks his debut as a music video director.    


They controlled the lights in their rooms, and could see how they affected the backgrounds we sent them.

"We set out to make a video that captured the collective energy of this young band. Not an easy thing to pull off when they could not be in the same room together due to the lockdown restrictions. 

"Our solution was to design a set up that the band could spontaneously interact with during each take, as they would if they were playing their instruments at a live show. So they controlled the lights in their rooms, and could see how they affected the backgrounds we sent them. This also enabled us to push the normally fixed and soulless look of the usual zoom meeting into a more free and exciting territory.

PRO Credits


DirectorDouglas Hart
DirectorAntony Genn
ProducerDouglas Hart
ProducerAntony Genn
Production CompanyRed, Black & White Films
CommissionerClaire Stubbs @ Mouthpiece

David Knight - 9th June 2020

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