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Meekz 'Like Me' by KC Locke

Promonews - 30th June 2020

KC Locke's latest for Meekz brings all of the masked Mancunian rapper's previous incarnations in his videos under one roof for Like Me.

In a set-up like the start of a superhero team movie, each version of Meekz is represented courtesy of motion-controlled sequences powered by the G6 Moco unit that allows the grime star to be replicated in a single moving shot. And with on-point styling and props, and minimal art direction, Locke keeps the essential idea pure and undiluted. It's a slick addition to the Meekz canon that exploits his statis as a man of mystery.

And as well as abiding by safe-shooting guidelines, the success of the motion control shoot meant that the video could be turned around extremely quickly - it was released just five days after the shoot.


 To me this was Meekz’s Avengers Assemble moment.

"Building long-term working relationships with artists is important to me, it really helps in creating a brand and consistency which I feel is sometimes lacking in the UK music video scene. 

"All the artists I collaborate with happen organically, either through word of mouth or people discovering my videos online. We work on a strictly confidential basis where we can share all our ideas and together push forward towards a common goal of making the best video we can for the chosen record or project.

"Meekz came with the initial idea of wanting clones of himself in his video so I took that initial idea and grew it to the next level visually, using my experience and tapping into the strong group of creative minds I have around me I was able to devise a concept which involved the new cutting edge technology: robotic motion control.

The video is full of Easter eggs which only a true fan would be able to spot.

"Combining the millimeter precision of the motion control robot system provided by the G6 Moco team, I was able to build a world in which I could feature all the various versions of “Meekz” from all his past videos and combine them together on screen at the same time in the same camera move in a seamless way.

"To me this was Meekz’s Avengers Assemble moment. Each character in the video has its own extended universe sub storylines which can be found in his back catalogue of visuals. The video is full of Easter eggs which only a true fan would be able to spot and recognise from a previous video or lyrical reference.

"Working with motion control for the first time in such a precise way was an experience in itself. Having to block out and rehearse with Meekz which lyrics attuned to each character and then planning exactly where the camera would be moving second by second was a long but fulfilling process, and was only made possible by the help of the experienced G6 Moco team who helped translate my ideas and shots into computer coding and 3D previsualization.

"Through their help we were able to pre-visualize the entire music video in 3D space before we even set foot on set which helped so much with rehearsals and planning. Once we arrived on set we knew exactly where Meekz was going to be sat and exactly which outfit was where.

"This concept and delivery was also motivated by the Covid 19 shooting guidelines as I wanted to create a concept which had many people on screen without breaking social distancing rules. Using new technology we were able to shoot multiple plates and stitch them together in post, giving the illusion there were multiple versions of Meekz together around the same table and sat in the car together.

"This video is a testament to the team and being able to turn this video around in literally a week is incredible, from previsulisation to delivery we made it happen. I respect Meekz trusting in the process, giving an A class performances at a moments notice made for such an enjoyable experience."

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Promonews - 30th June 2020


  • Director's notes
  • Motion control
  • Performance
  • VFX
  • Grime

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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Ella Taylor-Palfrey


Focus Puller
Danny Usman


Nick Platt


Art Director
Jenny O'Sullivan


Jamil Shaukat


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill


Andy Rider
Post Producer
Charlie Morris


Director's Representation

Other credits

Visual Engineering

G6 Moco


Ramzan Anwar

Set Fabrication

Marek Chrzaszcz


Lee Symington, Ronnie Emmerson


Kylo Robinson


Ramzan Alyas

Promonews - 30th June 2020

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