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JAWNY 'Anything You Want' by Ariel Fish

Promonews - 9th June 2020

Once again, lockdown ends up being the mother of invention in Ariel Fish's charmingly shambolic video for JAWNY.

On the one hand its a ragbag of internet -flavoured sight gags. And that would be quite good in itself, but artist and director have also thrown in some poignant stuff about the problems of finding love - especially now. 

While everyone ignores JAWNY's calls, internet searches throw up a stuffed toy bunny who doubles as a 'camgirl', an animated fruit salad - and a cynical friend who warns him against looking for love. Oh, and in the corner of his shabby apartment, his pile of dirty socks starts lipsyncing. 

“We were going to shoot a video and then we had the lockdown, so we switched up to an animated video… and then that didn’t work out. Finally, Ariel sent this crazy idea through and we chatted about it for a minute and came up with this video,” JAWNY has said of the Anything You Want video. “A quarantine love story… you can find love anywhere, anytime man.”

Mainly shot at JAWNY's house and a garage, during lockdown in a socially distanced fashion. "Ariel was just a sick creative partner. She had really sick ideas and was also super collaborative with me. I felt comfortable with her and I think her and her team killed it."

Promonews - 9th June 2020


  • Performance
  • VFX
  • R&B
  • Pop

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Ariel Fish
Robin Day
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nathan Scherrer
Executive Producer
Tara Sheree


Director of Photography
Luke Orlando




Marissa Ramirez
Interscope Records

Other credits

DP Units

Lucy Sandler, Luke Orlando

Sex Bunny Animation

Emily Ann Hoffman

Lip Animation

Emma Debany

Design / Edit / Screen Recordings

Lucy Sandler & Ariel Fish

Talking Socks And Fruit Salad

Kaycee Tarricone

Promonews - 9th June 2020

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