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Aitch 'Learning Curve' by KC Locke

Rob Ulitski - 1st July 2021

KC Locke directs a transition-heavy tour de force for Aitch's Learning Curve. 

Stitched together in a seamless, dreamlike fashion, no fewer than thirteen scenes unravel across a runtime of just over two minutes, in a concept that boasts fiery car wrecks, police line-ups, lobster dinners, an anthropomorphic necklace charm, a wedding - and a flock of sheep. 

Noteworthy for its scale and pure ambition, it's a highlight in both Locke's and Aitch's videography, and has instant replay appeal. Great stuff.


I wanted to make a statement piece... growing from previous Aitch visuals.

"Building on from our last video together it’s 'safe to say' we really elevated on this one.

"I really wanted to make a statement piece with this project growing from previous Aitch visuals, making something that makes you want to watch it again and again.
The ambitious 13-scene music video was definitely a creative challenge trying to make it all work and transition together. Myself and Aitch planned out the structure of the video over multiple meetings to make sure everything made sense to him and the song.

"Then over long hours of planning and discussions with the team a formula was devised which brought together multiple disciplines and techniques. I planned out every second of the song from lyric to beat, as making 13 scenes fit and make sense with a 2m15s song was a challenge in itself.

"The entire team really brought their A game to this one and trusted in my wacky plan - I remember telling Lewis (producer) I have a plan to make this work as we sat down one night and wrote our battle plans. Lewis trusted in my approach and supported me from start to finish, which I am forever great full for.

"Each department put their own creative stamp on each scene from Jenny O’Sullivan (PD), Pieter Snyman (DP) and Nick Platt (gaffer) to the VFX team who I worked very closely with (LMNTL FX) to bring the vision to life.

"Special thank you to all the team for believing in me and bringing so much passion and love to what we do."

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Rob Ulitski - 1st July 2021


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KC Locke
Lewis Nicholson
Production Company
Swords & Eagles
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Production Manager
Ella Taylor-Palfrey
1st AD
Tomo Pierce


Director of Photography
Pieter Snyman
Focus Puller
Josh Tue
2nd AC
Danny Usman
Beau Pritchard James


Nick Platt


Art Director
Jenny O'Sullivan


Cora Delaney
Hannah Sorcha


Jamil Shaukat
Editing company
Swords & Eagles


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill


Lmntl Fx
Post Producer
Jamil Shaukat


Director's Representation


Lisa Foo
Capitol Records

Other credits

Construction Manager

Leo O'Brien

Construction Team

Gus Mallet, Marnne Beech & Jed Newman

Art Assistants

Ed Kelly, Ben Spink & Daisy. Harvey

Stunt Driver

Ellie Evans

Location Manager

Jacob Dowdle

Covid Supervisor

Ken Locke

Rob Ulitski - 1st July 2021

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