Bastille 'Good Grief' by NYSU

Surreal vignettes make up Bastille's cool new video for Good Grief - directed by Jesús Hernández aka NYSU - repeating until they slowly begin to relate to one …

Cat Velez - 28th June 2016


Nimmo 'Unyoung' by Michael Holyk

Michael Holyk's video for Nimmo's Unyoung – his first since signing to A+ – is composed of intriguing vignettes of British youth in all manner of intense …

Cat Velez - 26th Jan 2016


Darkstar 'The Days Burn Blue' by Lucy Luscombe

Shot in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire over two days during the summer, Lucy Luscombe's evocative video for Darkstar's The Days Burn Blue is a series of intimate portraits of happy, carefree …

Cat Velez - 12th Nov 2015

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The Promonews Roundup


Battles 'The Yabba' by Roger Guàrdia

Battles, math-rock's greatest exponents, are back with The Yabba, and back with CANADA - this time as a production company, with Roger Guàrdia directing. And this is a very precise, almost …

David Knight - 10th Sept 2015

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