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Sad Night Dynamite 'Volume II' by Lucas Hrubizna

Rob Ulitski - 18th July 2022

Toronto-based director Lucas Hrubizna creates a groundbreaking and bewildering vision of a near-death experience for Sad Night Dynamite, courtesy of cutting-edge 'VolCap' technology, to introduce new release Volume II.

Hrubizna has directed an interlinked series of five video shorts that takes the pop-electronic duo's fascination with surreal and psychedelic narrative into amazing new territory. It was made possible by access to the Volumetric Capture facilities at Dimension Studios in London - where SND were filmed performed, and effectively transformed into 3D models.

Together with 2D plates of the band performance against greenscreen, Hrubizna could use this material to place them with his created CGI worlds without leaving his home studio. It has taken months of work, but the end-result is mind-boggling, as the approach is to make these worlds as harsh, forbidding, uncomfortable and unpredictable as possible - in accordance with the artists' brief.

Each piece is meant to be a mini-fever dream.

“SND had imagined a series of pieces taking place within some sort of purgatory - an abstract in-between place where time has dissolved," explains the director. "Having experienced a near-death event, they had seen the visuals of this project somehow reflecting the dreamlike journey from life to the precipice of death and back.

"I started to think of the ascending levels of Dantés Purgatorio, and loosely re-imagined them as bleak, liminal spaces from the modern world, wherein reality has exploded into harsh, digital fragments.

"Each piece is meant to be a mini-fever dream that perfectly loops, reflecting the endless sense of time and space in purgatory while also functioning on social media platforms, where looped video playback is standard.”

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Rob Ulitski - 18th July 2022


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Lucas Hrubizna
Rosie Brear
Production Company
Executive Producer
Laura Northover
Executive Producer
Josef Byrne
Production Manager
Beatrice Warren
Director's Assistant
Max McLachlan, BTS


Director of Photography
Jamie Harding
Dimensions Shoot Producer
Sarah Pearn, Digital Imaging Technician


Esteban Gimpelewicz
Lighting Company
SHL Lighting


3D Model Rigger
Prosper Unger Hamilton


VFX Supervisor
Prosper Unger Hamilton, Match Move


Sam Seager
Artist Manager
George Shepherd, Artist Creative Director

Rob Ulitski - 18th July 2022

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