Videos of the Month - March 2020

Promonews - 2nd Apr 2020

What's there to say about the month's just gone? We'll probably never forget it, that's for sure...

We're in the new normal now, at least for a while, but in the spirit of keeping things as 'old-school' as possible, here is our usual pick of the videos of the past month.

And of course, as well as consisting of some very good work - from a Russian epic for Aigel to start with, to The Weeknd's comedy horror at the end - these videos all of them come from a time, usually a matter of weeks ago, when makers were able to freely congregate, and work together to make stuff. At this point, even this most recent work can bring on nostalgic feelings...

Perhaps none more so than Philip Andelman's video for Khruangbin and Leon Bridges' Summer Sun (pictured above) - shot in the wide open spaces, with a sense of freedom that we now all yearn for...


Promonews - 2nd Apr 2020

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