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Lorn 'Timesink' by Pavel Brenner

Rob Ulitski - 25th Mar 2020

A boy cycles along an eerily peaceful country road - which begins to reveal evidence of a pandemic disaster - in Pavel Brenner's remarkably timely video for Lorn's Timesink. 

Set in a world where humanity has been wiped out by a deadly contagion, we follow the boy (played by James Farah) as he dodges overturned cars and bodybags. In the face of this catastrophic situation, he remains impassive, treating this new world, where nature is reasserting itself over humanity, as an adventure. 

Brenner's second video for Lorn - following his co-directing credit on the award-winning 'zombie-cheerleader' video for Acid Rain - was shot by Christopher Ripley, and has a reflective quality that normalises the horror, achieved through drawn out takes and abundant natural light. 


No one ever expected a real pandemic to break out at the time of the music video's release. 

"I reached out to Lorn during 2017 to discuss the initial idea with no particular track in mind. In July of 2019 [Lorn's album] Drown The Traitor Within was released and we both agreed that Timesink was the right fit for the concept.

"The production started in October of 2019 after the budget was secured, with Malcolm Duncan producing. Oregon suited best for filming because it was still green and vibrant. The shoot took two days, after which the team returned to Los Angeles.

"While shooting the video, no one on the production team ever expected a real pandemic to break out at the time of the music video's release. The team hopes that everyone stays safe and spends this time with their loved ones."

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Rob Ulitski - 25th Mar 2020


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Pavel Brenner
Malcolm Duncan
Production Company
Production Company
Virgin Soil Pictures
Production Company
Red Pepper Film
Production Company
The Panics
Production Company
Production Company
Cream Paris
Executive Producer
Pavel Brenner
Executive Producer
Ania Markham
Executive Producer
Jules Tervoort
Executive Producer
Luke Tierney


Director of Photography
Christopher Ripley
Focus Puller
Riley Keeton


Art Director
Pierre Pell


Penelope Strintz


Lead actor
James Farah


Post Panic
Post production company
The Panics


Drone Operator
Drone Dudes

Other credits

Stunt Double

Jake Colvill

Sound Design

Bastien Benkhelil

Rob Ulitski - 25th Mar 2020

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