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Real Estate 'Paper Cup' by Nick Roney

David Knight - 25th Mar 2020

Nick Roney's first video since the UKMVA-winning video for Cayucas' Girl tells the story of Chipper, a mechanical squirrel pop star, years after his novelty has worn off, who has one remaining adoring fan.

In his video for Real Estate's Paper Cup, the innocent, bright-eyed lad turns up into the sleazy games emporium, to see his beloved Chipper perform - who turns out to be a grinning Disney-esque robot, with the essence of something human deep within. But he has become like a monster in a carnival sideshow, badly in disrepair, on the point of collapse - and the lad is about to be stripped of his innocence.     

In this director's cut, Roney's black comedy on the life after pop stardom is particularly unsettling, with elements of classic grand guignol horror. It's a departure from the videos for The Lemon Twigs and Cayucas where Roney and members of his family have played important roles - sometimes for laughs, and sometimes not. But like in all good horror, there is also a sense of something rooted in the personal going on here. And once seen, it stays with you.


“Paper Cup is a song about getting older and realising that this thing that I fell into doing over ten years ago - being a musician, writing songs, being a guy in a band - this may end up being my life’s work. Watching the people around me change and evolve, take on new challenges, and feeling sort of stuck in a rut, in a way. Feeling uncertain of the validity of being an artist in an age of climate change and general political and social unrest around the world."

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David Knight - 25th Mar 2020


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Nick Roney
Elisha Gustafson
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ryland Burns
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
Executive Producer
Martha McGuirk
1st AD
Tyson Whitney


Director of Photography
Chris Ripley
Focus Puller
Jordan Utley
Focus Puller
Spencer Goff
2nd AC
Brenna Empey
2nd AC
Chris Hammock


Jared Jaynes
Brent Rowland


Art Director
Cortni Wimberley


Subrina Mohr
Lianna Hartley
Hair & Make-up
Subrina Mohr


Dusten Zimmerman


Chris Ripley

Other credits


CCO — Craig Allen

Creatives — Matt Nall / Kyle Davis

Executive Producer — Mike Davidson


James Morris (Chipper), John Anderson, Renny Wardle (Chipper Standins); Alex Weyerstall (Devin), Jagger Woolstenhulme (Bully); Martin Courtney (Employee); Palmer Scott (Doctor); Robin Wardle (Bustop woman); Quinn Gustafson, Jonah Hashimoto, Rhythm Pacheco, Samuel Hashimoto, Reiken Barber, Damon Clement, Owen Clement (Kids), Craig Allen (Dad)

David Knight - 25th Mar 2020

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