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James Righton 'Start' by Sophie Muller

David Knight - 25th Mar 2020

Sophie Muller's video for James Righton is an understated example of how she is a master of the craft of music video making. It could also be an object lesson on the possibilities of continue to make credible music video content during the current crisis. 

Shot on the south coast at Hastings - the director's hometown - Righton performs Start in a wood-panelled room, and wanders on the seafront and under the pier in his white suit, on a cold, bright day. It's simple and straitforward, and it unquestionably more watchable that the ex-Klaxons man is blessed with old school matinee idol good looks. He has a similar charisma to the suave, blue eyed soul man Robert Palmer.

The simple focus on Righton and his performance is augmented by some subtle VFX. In fact, this was probably created 'in-camera', as Muller shot this video herself on an iPhone. It's quality is jawdropping evidence of what is now possible.     

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David Knight - 25th Mar 2020


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Sophie Muller


Sophie Muller

David Knight - 25th Mar 2020

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