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Camila Cabello ft. Dababy 'My Oh My' by Dave Meyers

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Mar 2020

Camila Cabello fights her way out of the studio system in Dave Meyers' rollicking comic history of Hollywood's Golden Age for My Oh My.

Opening on the set of a 30s-style gangster film, Cabello plays the damsel in distress one times too many, and flips out when the director calls cut before she gets a chance to show her violent side. Begging with a bunch of suits back at the studio, she takes her career into her own hands when they deny her a role as an action movie heroine. 

The black and white visual is soaked in the glamour and nostalgia of old Hollywood, paying homage to the time period through everything from high contrast lighting to the Art Deco-inspired set dressing. And the introduction of Dababy keeps the story powering forward, offering Camila a way out of her predicament.

DoP Scott Cunningham utilises whip pans and rapid camera movement to keep up the pace and intensity, and the art direction takes us through the decades, building to an explosive climax - in Cinemascope and Technicolor - when Cabello finally gets her way, echoing Kill Bill and other badass female action films we take for granted in contemporary cinema. 

With plenty of his offbeat humour on-screen, Meyers also appears in a rare cameo as a scriptwriter, rounding off a brilliant cast of no-nonsense, greedy business-types. Cabello is brilliant as always, diving headfirst into the multifaceted role and making the whole thing believable. Magical work from an ambitious creative team. 

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Mar 2020


  • Comedy
  • Narrative
  • VFX
  • Pop

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Dave Meyers
Nathan Scherrer
Fuliane Petikyan
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nathan Scherrer


Director of Photography
Scott Cunningham


Art Director
François Audouy


Alyssa Oh
Editing company
Rock Paper Scissors


Stefan Sonnenberg
Colour grade company
Company 3


Director's Representation
Jamie Rabineau

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Mar 2020

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