Rob Ulitski - 17th Mar 2020

Clémence Poesy dances like no-one is watching in Beatrice Pegard’s charming video for M. Ward.

Shot in black and white, we follow the actress as she rises from the Metro and onto the bustling streets of Paris. Initially composed as she walks into the crowds, a jolt of energy takes over her body intermittently, causing the shuffle of a shoulder and nod of the head.

This continues, as passers-by begin to perform snapshots of choreography, before disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Building to a crescendo of dance and community spirit, the visual is a short but sweet celebration of living your best life and ignoring any naysayers.

Poesy is finally joined by Ward, acoustic guitar in hand, in the final production number sequence, which becomes more epic as DoP Valentin Vignet uses smooth steadicam shots and whip-pans to match the high-energy concept, whilst pulling back and allowing the action to breathe in the final shot.

Great work with a top-notch performance from Poesy, who also featured in Pegard's video for Grizzly Bear's Mourning Sound in 2017.

BEATRICE PEGARD (from her pitch): 

"I guess the video is about finding joy and wonder in the most random moments and places.

"You move to the City of Love and think it is going to be amazing. It is truly awful. It’s grey and grim and New Wave black and white. The streets are crammed. Bikes, scooters, car jams, pollution, dog shit, strikes, angry people. There is nothing poetic or romantic about it. 

"You feel stuck in a tough and isolating rut. But you’re here now, and you have to make do somehow. In the midst of your daily grind, a great track comes up from nowhere. It makes you feel better and gives you hope. You would like to share that with passers-by. 

"You would like to dance to it but you can’t, because you’re in the city and everyone is looking at you. Actually, you can, because you’re in a movie. So you can pretty much do whatever you would like to do. And it feels liberating."

PRO Credits


DirectorBeatrice Pegard
ProducerAmelie Lelong
1st ADMontaine Lambert
Director of PhotographyValentin Vignet
1st ACRomain Malavoy
2nd ACPierre-Valentin Ferdani
WardrobeFrieda Yam
Hair & Make-up (Artist)Khela
ChoreographerElsa Lyczko
Lead actorClémence Poesy
Other creditsCast: M. Ward, Ava Hervier, Colleen Bacquet, Ryan Bonvouloir, Francis Muth, Agnieszka Narcy, Guillaume Le Biller, Caroline Boust, Hafca Tirichine, Camille Mierzchala, Marie-Albane Laugier, Marion Rouault, Melissa Rabeau, Melissa Verdoux

Rob Ulitski - 17th Mar 2020

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