Promonews - 4th Mar 2020

A beautiful woman lures Alle Farben into a surprising challenge in Jared Malik Royal's atmospheric and stylish video for the German producer, filmed in Bangkok.

When he senses this glamourous female outside his room, Farben is irresistably drawn into following her through dark, and smoke-filled streets. And then he emerges into anoutdoor party, taking place among a selection of sleek supercars. Farben finds himself taking to the wheel of one of the vehicles, taking on a mysterious driver in a burn-up along the Bangkok strip in the video's adrenalin-fuelled finale.   

Malik Royal's video draws its inspiration from traditional Thai folklore, with the girl as an updated personification of the goddess Mae Nang Kwak - regarded as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Likewise, Malik Royal's version also leads Farben to excitement, and success.

PRO Credits


DirectorJared Malik Royal
ProducerCarla Mooney
ProducerDelwyn Mooney
Production CompanyCardel
Director of PhotographyAnna Smoronova
EditorDylan Edwards
Editing companyForager
ColouristAlexia Salingaros
Director's RepresentationCardel
LabelSony Music Germany
Service CompanyGreenlight
Other creditsService Producer: Les Nordhauser Service Producer: Fon Paing Production Co-Ordinator: Pat Promtu Production Co-Ordinator: Nut Natthakan

Promonews - 4th Mar 2020

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