Rob Ulitski - 25th Mar 2020

Anton Tammi teams up with Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, for their chilling fourth collaboration, In Your Eyes. 

Picking up right where he left off in After Hours, we see the artist brandishing a knife just as the elevator doors close, followed by a cacophony of gutwrenching screams. 

On the run, the girl from the elevator - played by Zaina Miuccia - is helpless as The Weeknd stalks her, embodying the foreboding threat of an '80s slasher villain. It's a blood soaked trip through anachronistic Los Angeles, echoing the same hallucinatory vibes as the previous visuals from the album, with a decidedly more gruesome aesthetic.

With a climax that flips the concept on its head - and leaves Abel without his head - this is another masterful work from Tammi, who ends the series on a weird and wonderful high.

PRO Credits


DirectorAnton Tammi
ProducerSarah Park
Production CompanySomesuch
Executive ProducerSaskia Whinney
Director of PhotographyOliver Millar
Art DirectorMiranda Lorenz
EditorAndreas Arvidsson
ColouristNicke Jacobsson
Lead actorZaina Miuccia
SteadicamNick Muller
Other creditsTitle Design: Aleksi Tammi

Rob Ulitski - 25th Mar 2020

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