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JLS 'Eternal Love' by Ian Roderick Gray

Promonews - 4th Oct 2021

JLS are back! And to emphasise the significance of the comeback of this hugely popular singing group - who had their original heyday in the early Noughties - Ian Roderick Gray has the band travel through time, to indicate that they rate up with the great singing groups of all. 

Gray takes us on a journey through the history of pop, with JLS performing their comeback single Eternal Love as performing on TV at different points along a timeline, from the Sixties to the present day, via the Seventies and MTV-era Nineties. 

Each era is recreated with admirable attention to detail - particularly in the style and quality of the TV coverage - and this really works in order to make its bigger point about the timeless appeal of JLS - who indeed look and sound in fine fettle. 


We effectively had to create four separate pieces to fit seamlessly into one long music video.

"To me, JLS are timeless. They’ve officially entered that very limited and elite club of artists that somehow transcend their era and just exist eternally for the enjoyment of all people of all ages and backgrounds. They’re like the Temptations or the Jacksons. They’ll always be relevant and always connect with an audience and they would have had the same impact in any era of modern music.

"And that was the foundation of this concept: to show JLS through the ages, presenting them as they would have been seen at the time, from the 60’s onwards - complete with styling and era-appropriate choreography, camerawork, lighting, set-design and editing.

"I wanted to make sure we were true to the conventions of the respective periods by only incorporating filmmaking techniques that would have existed at the time. As the music video progresses, the approach grows more sophisticated and the tools we used were more advanced, to really ensure that it felt like we were moving through the ages with accuracy.

"I chose a minimalist feel for the contemporary footage because I wanted to show the band as they are today, in all their glory, with no gimmicks or tricks applied.

"We effectively had to create four separate pieces that would fit seamlessly and coherently into one long music video. It was certainly a challenge, but also a dream project for any filmmaker and luckily I had an amazing crew that were up for the challenge.

"It was also a real treat to see how much the band embraced the concept and really worked hard to nail their performances and accurately capture the different styles required for each period."

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Promonews - 4th Oct 2021


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Emily Vincent
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Jack Lightfoot
1st AD
Luke Goodrich


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Nacho Guzman
2nd AC
Lea Aubigne


Steve Cameron


Art Director
Zenon Clements


Kai Sawyerr
Nadia Altinbas




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Marisa Garner

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James Dearden

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Lucia Ritucci

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Léa Aubigne


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Hadya Tuofiq

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Jessie Stein


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Rachel Akiboye

Sound Designer

Edwin Matthews

Promonews - 4th Oct 2021

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