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Jon Hopkins 'Ritual (evocation)' by Dave Bullivant

Rob Ulitski - 2nd May 2024

Dave Bullivant directs a portrait of strength and vulnerability for the return of Jon Hopkins - featuring aerial rope artist Bryony Louise Fowler. 

The rousing promo for Ritual features Fowler's extraordinary, gravity-defying performance, moving gymnastically around a hanging rope metres above the ground, shot in a hypnotic and trance-like way, mainly at super-high frame rates. 

Intercutting close-ups and expansive wide shots, the macro and micro elements of the performance are put under the lens of DoP Adam Scarth, building in energy in parallel to the thrillingly atmospheric track through the edit by Thomas Grove Carter. 

"Jon's music is always very visceral and moving," notes Bullivant. "He came to me with this amazing track and an Instagram link to Bryony and her amazing work. What followed was an exercise in creative trust.

"Bryony is the most incredible performer. The strength and endurance that she has to be able to do what she does is incredible. She really captured the emotion of the music and portrayed it in the most wonderful way. There is no post production here, she really did it all for real - although there are some crash mats framed out of a few of the shots.

"I could talk at length about each department being completely amazing on this, from Adam's lighting and camera work, to Tom's amazing edit, and Jodie's beautiful grade. Not to mention Ayomidi pulling it all together in about three days. The whole team were amazing. Very very proud of this film."

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Rob Ulitski - 2nd May 2024


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Dave Bullivant
Ayomide Alli
Production Company
Executive Producer
James Stevenson Bretton
Production Manager
Matt Turner
1st AD
Louis Barron


Director of Photography
Adam Scarth
Focus Puller
Daniel Lemon
2nd AC
Nina Mangold


Sachin Parmar
Key Grip
Bertie Wood
Key Grip
Andy Edridge
Desk Op
Matt Owen


Aartthie Mahakuperan
Ayopo Abiri


Bryony Louise Fowler


Lead Dancer
Bryony Louise Fowler


Thomas Grove Carter
Editing company
Edit Producer
Harry Watts


Colour Producer
Martha Lake
Jodie Davidson
Colour grade company
Picture House

Rob Ulitski - 2nd May 2024

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