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Glass Animals 'The Other Side Of Paradise' by Eoin Glaister

Promonews - 20th Sept 2023

Eoin Glaister reunites with Glass Animals with his first video for the band since 2017 - and takes their band's fans down a complex a complex conspiracy rabbit hole courtesy of YouTuber TinFoilPat.

The video is for The Other Side of Paradise, originally released on the How To Be A Human Being album and now revived to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the album - which also featured Pork Soda and Agnes, which have Glaister-directed videos. It features TinFoilPat as a superfan of the band, revealing to his Youtube community about the rumour that lead singer Dave Bayley has been replaced by a clone (or clones). And then follows his mission to uncover 'the truth'.

The band were not available to feature in the music video, so Glaister has employed various techniques to build his narrative. Firstly he chose to lean on archive footage from their iconic concert at Red Rocks, and construct a narrative arc that starts with the moment Dave sang “my thunder shook him down” in perfect sync with real-life thunder. Then he sourced further on-stage clips, TikTok cutaways, generative AI, choreography and a mouse-and-cat dynamic, to create a trail of clues for TinFoilPat to uncover.

The music video is also sprinkled with subtle Glass Animals fandom trivia and even features real-life moments like TinFoilPat infiltrating the Universal Music London office or calling up the front desk to accuse them of “being in” on the hoax.

It felt like a full circle moment, creating promos for the album again.

Glaister says that the fact the band were unavailable for the shoot prompted the clone idea. 

“I'd been watching TikToks with my sisters and was really taken with all the fanfare and conspiracy theories surrounding Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears and I love how ropey all of that evidence is," he explains. "They were vehicles to kick start thinking for this project. [And] the narrative that was constructed with the archive footage means that I could blend facts and fiction in a silly way, which I’m really into.

“This is the third job I've done for Glass Animals, which means I've earned some trust with them; it’s useful for running with a really, really bizarre idea like this one. It felt like a full circle moment, creating promos for the album again.”

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Promonews - 20th Sept 2023


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Promonews - 20th Sept 2023

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