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Wet Leg 'Too Late Now' by Fred Rowson

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2021

Barnstorming indie band Wet Leg are reimagined as bath-loving aliens beamed down from outer space, in Fred Rowson's loveably eccentric promo for Too Late Now. 

Wrapped in bath towels, the band venture out into Croydon to experience the Earthly delight of a good hot soak for the very first time, reflecting the lyrics, “I just need a bubble bath to set me on a higher path”.

During their pursuit they encounter the addictions of bubble bath and the relaxing qualities of cucumbers - which involves a certain amount of suggestiveness, in the already characteristic Wet Leg style - eventually finding true nirvana in the form of a very pink hot tub, drawing a conclusion to the space-invaders’ pilgrimage.

Filmed across two days in South-East London and on a rather muddy Kentish farm, DoP Rik Burnell worked closely with Rowson to achieve the ‘fly on the wall’ aesthetic, shot on a very very long lens with minimal lighting.

I was slightly stunned to shoot the first Wet Leg video that they didn’t direct themselves.

"Wet Leg may be the coolest band of the year, but, surprisingly, they are also 2021’s year’s most innocent gang of outsiders," comments Rowson. "Tasked with documenting their first experience of exploring an urban centre outside of Ryde [on the Isle of Wight] I was shocked by their naivety, and nearly lost them on numerous occasions, not least when Rhian nearly went under a bus. Twice.

"Thankfully, no indie kids were harmed in the making of this movie, and the quintet instinctively found their way to the safety of a rural setting. Thank God.

"Seriously though. I was slightly stunned when Hester and Rhian asked me to shoot the first Wet Leg video that they didn’t direct themselves. Pressure, considering that their previous two were, for me, the best of the year. But, from conception to shoot to edit, this was a mad, magical collaboration that’s up there with my favourite music video experiences.

"Thank you to Domino and John Moule for trusting us to get on with it, and thank you as always to the team of Terminators at Blink - Rosie, Seb, Laura: you gave up your lives and made this happen in less than a week. Thank you. Best in town."

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Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2021


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Fred Rowson
Rosie Brear
Production Company
Executive Producer
Paul Weston
Executive Producer
Laura Northover
Production Manager
Sebastian Jowers
1st AD
Alasdair Copland
Alfie Davies


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Eve Carreno
B-cam Director
Max McLachlan
Ines Duarte


Art Director
Julia Chacińska
Art Dept Assistants
Charlie Speak, Kate Sutton
Bathroom Designer/Plumber
Tim Gibson
Neil Gawthrop


Emma Jayne Lipop
Hair & Make-up
Sarah Scott
Wardrobe Assistant
Ellie Hind


Danny Abel, Carl Murphy, Janet Fitzwalter, Sanjay Batra, Michael Patterson, David Rodgers, Dylan Schofield


Joseph Taylor
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Post Producers
Tamara Mennell, Bruce Langfield


Richard Fearon
Colour grade company


Jack Stone
Post production company
Blackboard Studios
Post Producer
Joseph Gochez


John Moule
Domino Recording Company



Other credits

Camera Car Driver

Davide Vieira

Minibus Driver

Mark Righelato

Rob Ulitski - 1st Dec 2021

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