David Knight - 5th Aug 2020

Ever since his marvellous video for Metronomy's The Bay, David Wilson has been able to make magic happen by the pool. And that's what happens in his video for Glass Animals' It's All So Incredibly Loud.

GA's frontman Dave Bayley emerges through wisps of smoke to negotiate the diving board of a swimming pool in a suburban home at night. Yes, once again Wilson is making an English summer appear impossibly glamourous. He also brings us a heightened reality which almost seems nostalgic in its visual crispness.

The intention is to capture a moment, and explore it's metaphorical meaning. Shot on both a Phantom and an Alexa, the time when Bayley inevitably enters the pool's water is stretched out to last as long as possible. Time is slowed, just as seems to happen when you dive into cold water - and also when you are faced with the emotional issues discussed in the song.

Suitably Bayley also delivers a heartfelt performance to camera in this video that marks a triumphant return by David Wilson to the music video mainstream. A nod too to marvellous camerawork, supervised by DoP David Foulkes. 


I loved the song, and the brief, and Dave, and was so excited to craft the film.

“The concept for It’s All So Incredibly Loud came directly from Dave (Bayley). He wanted to draw an analogy between the feeling of jumping off a diving board into water, and the feeling of breaking bad news to another person.

"I loved the song, and the brief, and Dave, and was so excited to craft the film. During the writing process I explored lots of different avenues, but I always returned to the diving board. This analogy just seemed so pure, simple and right.

"The first two thirds where Dave is on the board, visually represents the build-up to needing to break the news, whilst the climactic third act is the ‘jump’; the liminal space between when words leave a person’s lips to the time it takes for their partner to respond. In that time silence becomes deafening. It’s the kind of silence that makes your stomach feel like you’re jumping off a diving board and feeling weightless before hitting water. There’s no gravity, nothing to hold on, it’s perilously empty.

The climactic third act is the ‘jump’; the liminal space between when words leave a person’s lips to the time it takes for their partner to respond.

"At the start of shooting we wanted to explore the option of Dave delivering the entirety of the film with no lip-sync. However, when Dave’s sync performances began to deliver such exceptional vulnerability, the decision to keep the whole film as performance was clear. I just adore Dave’s delivery in this film. Not many people can hold the viewer’s attention just by looking in the camera. I’m so glad we went bold, simplistic, and gave Dave this room to give such a beautiful execution.

"I love summer nights, but the reality in the UK is that this darkness only lasts a few hours. It was quite a feat of production to pull it off in the time available (when is a music video anything different!?). However, the simplicity of choices that arose from all decisions only seemed to strengthen the final film. 

"I’m very proud for this beautifully simple film to accompany such a powerful and textured piece of music.”

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Wilson
ProducerNatalie Steiner
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerKate Brady
1st ADLuke Goodrich
2nd ADAlice Hayes
Director of PhotographyDavid Foulkes
1st ACLuke Jefferson
2nd ACJonathan Treherne
GripSteve Wells
GafferDanny Hayward
Art DirectorStephanie Williams
StylistScarlet Wallis
Asst stylistLucy Upton-Prowse
EditorRoss Hallard
Editing companyTrim Editing
Edit ProducerTatyana Alexandra
ColouristRichard Fearon
Grading companyBlack Kite Studios
Grade ProducerTamara Mennell
Director's RepresentationHands London
CommissionerEmily Tedrake
Other creditsKey PA: Hannah Lockwood PAs: Joanna Thompson, Sophia Kawyani Covid Supervisor: Alice Hayes Grip Assist: Will Andersen Jib Op: Dan Lobo Pires Electricians: Will Pope, Lee Brinkley, Jonh Joe Basagni Phantom Op: Jason Berman @ Love High Speed Lifeguard/Medic: Sue Reynolds Runners: Denis Norty, Elodie Philip, Matias Reyes Fox

David Knight - 5th Aug 2020

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