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James Blake 'Thrown Around' by The Reids

Rob Ulitski - 26th June 2024

James Blake has a Hellish day trying to make content for a jaded social media audience in the mesmerising promo for Thrown Around, directed by The Reids. 

Opening with a snappy conversation with a social media guru, who tells the artist he needs to up his content game to stay relevant, we see Blake venture out onto the street to record a half-hearted TikTok video - until his phone gets nicked by a bike-riding assailant. 

From there, things go from bad to worse, and we get to experience this from a hypnotic Snorricam-style rig built by DoP Fraser Mitchell. Elevated by trippy effects and a heavy dose of surrealism, it's a standout visual that also showcases Blake's acting chops, and a surprising facility for comedy. Someone get this man in touch with Netflix right away.

And remarkably, the whole project was turned around in less than a week, as Will and Ed Reid explain.  

"Thrown Around was by far the maddest project we’ve shot to date - from idea sign off to wrap in 6 days, this one was a beast to wrangle and so much fun," say the brother directing team, who have just signed to Anonymous Content. "We will be proud of this one for a while.

"It wouldn’t have been possible to do it without James himself being so up for it. He gave us incredible amounts of time, energy and humour - you really see that on camera.

"Also, utilising a new camera rig - the 3rd Person Snorri - as a narrative device was a really special experience - it feels so hard to shoot something in a way that feels different and fresh these days and we pushed hard to do that here which is perhaps what we’re most proud of."

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Rob Ulitski - 26th June 2024


  • Comedy
  • Narrative
  • Pick of the Day
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  • Dance
  • Camera Rig
  • Trippy
  • Social Media
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The Reids
Will Preston-George
Rory Mills
Creative Director
Crowns & Owls
Production Company
The Rascal Film Company
Production Manager
Dan Preston-George
PA / Driver
James Lamb
Creative Agency


Director of Photography
The Reids
Director of Photography
Fraser Mitchell
Sound Recordist
Rhys Adams


Props Manager
Hayley Pither


Kelly White


Lead actor
Archie Madekwe


The Reids
Sound Design
Ben Brannan
Sound Design
Timo Sailia


Rich Patter


Director's Representation

Rob Ulitski - 26th June 2024

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