Young Fathers 'Toy' by Salomon Ligthelm

For the second collaboration between Salomon Ligthelm and Young Fathers (following Mr Martyr) the director was inspired by the track to create a world where dictators behave like spoilt little …

David Knight - 2nd May 2018


Young Fathers 'In My View' by Jack Whiteley

Jack Whiteley's new video for Young Fathers presents itself initially as a recognisable sub-genre of the medium - beautifully-shot, tastefully art directed, evocative and 'artistic'. And …

David Knight - 19th Jan 2018

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The Promonews Roundup


Banks 'Trainwreck' by Marie Schuller

Jillian Banks and director Marie Schuller have collaborsted on this compelling pop video for Trainwreck, spotlighting on the machinations of the music industry through graphic symbolic …

Cat Velez - 23rd Jan 2017


Darkstar 'Pin Secure' by Matt Halsall

Matt Halsall has expressed his anger and indignation at the result of the UK General Election in May through this cri de coeur for Darkstar's Pin Secure. There is …

Cat Velez - 8th Sept 2015

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