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Beardyman ft Joe Rogan ‘6am (Ready To Write)'

Ned Botwood - 6th Sept 2019

Ian Pons Jewell presents another grotesque delight. A cocaine bender takes a horrifying left turn in this body horror for Beardyman.

In the cold light of morning, a man is locked in a race against his comedown. He’ll do anything for a little dopamine, truffling for more drugs in every corner of his dirty apartment. And when it all catches up with him, he has the mother of all hallucinations. This day of excess is narrated, blow-for-blow, by Joe Rogan - in words borrowed from legendary journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The rabid protagonist is played with tense-jawed, red-eyed enthusiasm by Jack Morris. And the nightmarish VFX, reminiscent of cult channel Cool 3D World, were supervised by ETC.

Ian Pons Jewell has a unique flair for affect and world building. He puts you through all the unpleasant sensations his characters experience. The texture of his bizarre worlds is so tangible and specific, it is as if you can actually smell it. His last video, Natural Born Killers, was a sweltering, end-of-the-world epic. Watching his evocation of wet, acrid heat, you’ll begin to feel your own sweaty, crawling discomfort.

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Ned Botwood - 6th Sept 2019


  • Narrative
  • Pick of the Day
  • Surreal
  • VFX
  • Deep House
  • Techno
  • Dance
  • Dance, Electro
  • Drugs

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Ian Pons Jewell
Ash Lockmun
Line Producer
Olya Kosenko
Production Company
Executive Producer
Medb Riordan
Executive Producer
Simon Cooper
Executive Producer
Leah Joyce
Executive Producer
Annabel Bennett
Production Manager
Antonia Vickers
Production Manager
Julia Sotnikova
1st AD
Gryts Makarenko


Director of Photography
Mauro Chiarello
1st AC
Kirill Shlyamin
Max Salo


Leo Sidorenko


Art Director
David Kharaishvili
Production designer
Robin Brown
Production Assistant
Ella Girardot
Production Assistant
Volodymyr Altsybeev


Staysa Monastyrskaya
Marta Skalska


Lead actor
Jack Morris


Tobias Suhm
Editing company
Whitehouse Post


Luke Morrison


VFX Company
Post Producer
Antonia Porter


Elena Argiros


Location Manager
Dima Mikhailov
Prop Master
Vasya Tkachuk
Assistant Editor
Steven Waltham
VFX Producer
Alasdair Patrick
VFX Producer
Sam Napper
VFX Director
James Sindle

Other credits

Casting Director

Kharmel Cochrane

Casting Director

Sergey Ristenko

Founder Radioaktive Film

Darko Skulsky

EP Radioaktive Film

Sasha Bevka

Storyboard Artist

Joseph Strachan

Bidding Producer

Georgina Smith

Set Runner

Tolik Koval


Valik Grib aka Mushroom


Dennis Ryskal

Style Assistant

Dasha Lisyn

Style Assistant

Kostya Goncharuk

Sofa Guy

Dima Nalivayko

Sofa Girl

Vera Koval

Girl in Car 1

Esther Brown

Girl in Car 2

Joana Garcia

Guy in Car 1

Thomas Ngegba

Guy in Car 2

Alex Dubrova

Guy in Car 3

Pasha Gots

Work Out Brother 1

Andrii Ostapenko

Work Out Brother 2

Dmytro Ostapenko

Work Out Brother 3

Yura Ostapenko

Coke Devil

Zhenia Skizov

Bedroom Girl

Alla Pryadko

Pigeon Man

Tsoy Andriy

Dandruff Man

Pavel Evchin

Screaming Lady

Nina Galena

CG Coordinator

Larisa Covaciu

2D Lead

Alex Grey

2D Artists

Adam Woolrich, Adrian Monroy

2D Artists

Alberto Pizzocchero, Alex Kennedy

2D Artists

CJ Gaikwad, Daniel Manning

2D Artists -Nicola Borsari, Ozgur Taparli

2D Artists

Flavio Kawamoto, Ryan Knowles, Stirling Archibald

3D Lead

Nick Turner

3D Artists

Alex Berweck, Dean Robinson, Elpida Kyriacou

3D Artists

Jake Cross, Jeffery Edo-Benson, Marko Mamula

3D Artists

Paul Cousins, Robert Reinschedl, Sergio Moralez

3D Artists

Roly Edwards, Thanos Kousis, Will Preston

3D Artists

James Waterhouse, Felix Chan, George Savvas

3D Artists

Stuart Whelbourn, Tobin Brett, Stuart Turnbull

3D Artists

Eddy Martinez, Adam Ledger, Florian Mounie

3D Artists

Ivan Xavier, Karin Mattson, Mack Knights

3D Artists

Jon Park, Remy Herrise, Toby Williams Ellis


Greg Martin

Concept Artist

Romain Thirion

Sound Design

Tim Harrison & Seb Bruen at Aumeta

Additional Sound Design

Jim Stewart & Lawrence Kendrick at String & Tins

Special Thanks

Reset Content & Jon Adams

Ned Botwood - 6th Sept 2019

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