Best Music Videos of 2020: Narrative

Promonews - 31st Dec 2020

Our favourite narrative videos of the year have created created magic under even more challenging circumstances than usual.

Essentially here is a pick of narrative videos of a serious tone - essentially, not comedy or animation - and many leave a lasting impression, for all sorts of reasons. They were also made before, after and even during lockdown.

There is also a range of directing experience on show here, where the masters of the craft, returning to music video from other forms of filmmaking, rub shoulders with more developing talent.

And this a great line-up of directors - including Aoife McArdle, Hiro Murai, Aneil Karia, Matilda Finn, Thomas James, Allie Avital, Kyle Thrash, Colin Read, Diana Kunst, Andzej Gavriss, Meji Alabi and Anton Tammi - for a range of artists from the world's biggest to the downright obscure. 

We may have missed a gem or two - it's been known to happen - but this is an awesome list...

Promonews - 31st Dec 2020

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