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Lord Apex & V Don 'UK Shit' by Milo Blake

Promonews - 10th Sept 2020

Milo Blake explores the tough reality of London street life, from the perspective of an unseen protagonist, in this compelling video for Lord Apex and V Don. 

In UK Shit, our POV 'hero' is on a mission around the city, as a dealer in an unusual illicit trade; he distributes white label vinyl on the streets, and comes in regular contact with Apex in the process. Inspired by videogames, the approach is nonetheless grittily cinematic, and fast-moving.

And a combination of harsh reality and the rules of the game will determine his fate. 


We wanted to set ourselves up in the edit to be able to create a really dynamic rhythm.

"A big inspiration for the visual was video games and in particular GTA. I kinda wanted it to feel like we were watching this character conduct a series of objectives, with Apex as an additional character within the context of the story.

"The planning of our shoot was really important. Whilst the video is largely only one shot - the POV - we wanted to set ourselves up in the edit to be able to create a really dynamic rhythm. So we tried to match as many scenes across movements and tilts that the camera might do to create this.

"The decision to shoot in black and white was motivated by a desire to find a picture profile that matched the hard-hitting instrumental, and place us in the space of being a homage to games but also deeply cinematic if we could. Big shouts to the close-knit team who were instrumental in pulling this over the finishing line on short notice."

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Promonews - 10th Sept 2020


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Milo Blake
Ella Glazer
Production Company
Production Manager
James Wood


Director of Photography
Alex Denning 
Focus Puller
Eliott Poyzer

Promonews - 10th Sept 2020

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